Review of a Handful of Books

Sorcerer’s Legacy by Janny Wurts

Janny Wurts’ debut novel, Sorcerer’s Legacy, was publishelegacyd in 1982. Reading it is confirmation of that fact. It engenders nostalgia for a brand of fiction that’s largely gone. Where such an accusation is often damning, in the case of Sorcerer’s Legacy it’s a recognition of what’s best about that generation of fantasy literature.

The narrative is pretty straight forward. Elienne’s husband, the Duke, has been killed in battle. The invaders have conquered their kingdom and will make Elienne a slave. Rescuing her from this fate is Ielond, a powerful and gifted wizard from another world who has transversed time and space to find a suitable bride for his Prince.

What makes Elienne such a catch is the fact that she’s days pregnant and Prince Darion, Ielond’s liege, is fated to die if he cannot father an heir. She’s also pretty damn resilient, convincing Ielond that she could survive the court intrigue sure to fall on her head. Naturally there’s another wizard who isn’t super jazzed about the idea of Darion confirming his rule with a child and a game of back and forth begins, utilizing political maneuvering and magic and a fair bit of skulduggery. < Read More >