War Dogs by Greg Bear

Bear_WarDogs-TPI have never read Greg Bear before. To science fiction geeks this is like admitting I’ve not read Hunger Games in line for the Catching Fire midnight release. This is at least partially because I’m not a huge classic science fiction geek, but also because no one has ever sent me a copy of a Greg Bear novel. And I’ll be the first to admit these days I mostly read what I’m sent. There’s also something captivating about grunt stories, the little guy on the front of a larger conflict of which he only knows a small part and willing to lay down his life for his squad mate because that’s what grunts do. It’s a long tradition in the science fiction realm, from Armor to The Forever War to Starship Troopers to Germline. Thus, I enter War Dogs with some measure of expectation and hope for enjoyment.

The novel begins in surprising fashion. After a brief, getting shot onto the surface of Mars for war making purposes, the time shifts and we see our protagonist safely at home on Earth, dealing with the after effects of his experience on the Red. The novel switches back forth between these time periods throughout the novel, revealing information slowly as the present-day protagonist remembers it. The generally gist is aliens showed up on Earth a while back. They’ve given humans lot of new technology, but in exchange they need humanity to fight a war for them. Mind you, they’re not really going to explain why other than some other alien presence is after them and they need Earth to help. < Read More >