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The Emperor’s Knife – Mazarkis Williams

One of the most important decisions an author has to make is how much to tell, how much to imply, and how much to show.  In fantasy this even more true in creating a secondary/alternate world.  For a debut fantasy author it’s triply difficult, because no one (editor or consumer) is going to buy an… Read more »

Hilarious Cover Art Juxtaposition

Time for Justin’s weekly session of bad jokes, bad covers, and questionable writing.  Enjoy!                   Wow, I didn’t realize butter (fly) faces were so in… here I’d been avoiding them for years!  Get it?  But-her-face.  Oh God, I’m hilarious.  In all seriousness though, to Casi McLean, if… Read more »

Necropolis – Michael Dempsey

I’m starting to feel like a fan boy with all these Night Shade titles, although surprisingly this is only my fifth review from them this year (well under 10%!).  Of course, I’m already reading The Emperor’s Knife by Mazarkis Williams (Night Shade/Jo Fletcher Books) not mentioning the huge stack of their back catalog next to my bed…. Read more »

Going to the Fair and Giveaway Winners Announced

I went to the National Book Festival this weekend.  It’s a pretty impressive event and something I suggest to everyone who meets the following criteria: likes historical or biographical non-fiction, has children, and doesn’t mind crowds.  The Mall was set up with a tent for each section – Fiction & Mystery, Graphic Novels, Poetry &… Read more »

Upcoming reading

Since I read a lot of eBooks and eGalleys I don’t have quite the same opportunity as some others bloggers do with those sweet “Books Received” posts.  Instead, I’m going to give a taste of what’s in my Kindle and iPad and what will be reviewed on the blog in the coming weeks.    … Read more »

Infidel – Kameron Hurley

I’ve posted a review of Infidel by Kameron Hurley from Night Shade Books at where I occasionally write.                              There’s a fine line between dark and compelling and horrifying and off-putting. When a story comes right up to the line without crossing… Read more »

Hilariously Similar Book Covers

Disembodiment: I’m pretty sure these two novels were done by the same artist 15 years apart.  Floating head? Check!  Mustachio? Check!  Planets in or around head? Check! It’s really a shame that Star of the Gypsies ran out of room the requisite starship battle.  As far as I can tell the only real difference in the art… Read more »

Spellwright – Blake Charlton

US cover for Spellwright Sometimes a book’s title says it all. Spellwright. Spell means to write in order the letters constituting a word. It also means a verbal formula considered as having magical force. Spell in these two cases is considered a homonym because they share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have… Read more »

Debris – Jo Anderton

I think I’ve mentioned this observation in the past, but it continues to prove out the more books I read from the 2011 catalog.  First person person narrators are hip in the publishing world.  I was listening to an Odyssey podcast the other day and Richard Sawyer was talking about point of view.  He made… Read more »

Giving Away Two Signed Copies of T.C. McCarthy’s Germline

I promised to hold a giveaway once I reached 100 followers on twitter.  After hitting the mark last night I realized I had to actually deliver.  Well, here we are.  My first giveaway on the blog are two signed copies of T.C. McCarthy’s Germline from Orbit Books.  I’ve called this novel my favorite SF debut… Read more »