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Publishing, Baseball, and Market Inefficiency

[This article contains baseball references, but knowledge of the game is not required to enjoy it.  I wrote it last year and sat on it for months, trying to make it more sensible.  I don’t think I succeeded. Screw it, it’s my blog I’ll ramble if I want to.  I guess with last Friday’s article… Read more »

Tooth and Nail – Jennifer Safrey

Contrary to the article that graced this blog last week, I have been known to choose a book to read (or not read) based on genre. Usually I do it to avoid things I know I won’t like, as opposed to trending toward things I know I will. For example, I hate paranormal romance and… Read more »

Importance of Genre in Reader Expectations

Beaulieu, Cole, Pape, and Ahmed. Photo by Patrick Wolohan At Epic Confusion last weekend, I sat in on a panel about genre-blending.  It was moderated by Myke Cole, but included authors Bradley Beaulieu, Scott Lynch, Saladin Ahmed, and Cindy Spencer Pape.  Cole, after a little talk about how each of the panelists’ novels were genre… Read more »

Strata – Bradley P. Beaulieu and Stephen Gaskell

I was a big fan of Bradley Beaulieu’s debut novel The Winds of Khalakovo.  It’s an incredibly nuanced epic fantasy set in a Cyrillic-esque second world (full review).  When I found out that Beaulieu was trying his hand at a science fiction novella, I was intrigued.  My curiosity was further piqued when I discovered he… Read more »

The Desert Spear – Peter V. Brett

Some have said that The Desert Spear has all the same components (good and bad) from The Warded Man, only more.  I think that’s an apt description.  In the second installment of the Demon Cycle, Peter V. Brett expands the scope of his story, spending more time on his pseudo Islamic/Samurai culture (Krasnians) and offering the… Read more »

Epic Confusion – A Better Recap Post than Everyone Else

Last weekend was somewhat surreal.  I’m not much of a fan boy, but I love books, and story telling, and intellectual masturbation.  And ConFusion was the embodiment of those three things.  I had personal conversations with a number of authors, met some of my fellow bloggers, and learned a lot listening to panels.  I drank beer, watched in… Read more »

Interview with Hitchers author Will McIntosh

Hitchers was my first exposure to Will McIntosh.  And it was very rewarding.  Somehow I missed his debut novel, Soft Apocalypse, last year.  And I’m terrible about keeping up on short fiction, so his 2009 Hugo Award winning short story, Bridesicles, is largely unknown to me.  Turns out it was just recently optioned for a feature film.  He’s also signed… Read more »

A Review of the Kindle Fire

Not a picture of my own Fire. I swear. You are… my fire!  The one desire!  Believe when I say, I want it that way!  When I unwrapped my Kindle Fire on Christmas, that iconic Backstreet Boys song popped into my head.  I wondered if the device would live up to those words… would the… Read more »

Epic Confusion – I’m So There

GoH, Patrick Rothfuss On Friday, I’m hopping a flight to Detroit, Michigan.  Why you ask?  I’ll be attending Epic Confusion, an annual science fiction and fantasy convention held just outside Motor City.  Programming starts Friday evening and goes through to about 3 PM on Sunday.  The program covers all kinds of topics, but mainly SF… Read more »

The Troupe – Robert Jackson Bennett

I admit, prior to reading The Troupe, I had no idea what vaudeville was all about.  I had an idea in my head, based on implied fuzzy cultural memory, but it’s not something I’d ever taken a moment to actually look into.  According to the arbiter of truthiness, Wikipedia, vaudeville is: …a theatrical genre of variety entertainment… Read more »