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If you liked… The Gentlemen Bastards

My goal is to recommend books for fans of a larger book franchise. For example, if you liked The Wheel of Time, you might also really like Raymond Feist’s Riftwar Saga. Easy enough, right? Except I’m going to try to be less obvious than that. I fully expect half of the people reading this post to say, ‘no… Read more »

The Return Man – V.M. Zito

The jacket copy of The Return Man by V.M. Zito doesn’t mention zombies. The closest it gets is “he tracks down the dead and delivers peace.” That could mean it’s about a guy who finds lost people, confirms their death (or not), and gives the family peace. It could mean that, but it doesn’t. It… Read more »

The Clarke Award, Genre, and My Arrogance

When the Arthur C. Clarke Award released its shortlist yesterday, it result in the standard push back on how the judges got it wrong. The largest objections seemed to come from those who believed By Light Alone by Adam Roberts and The Islanders by Christopher Priest should have made the list, generally in place of… Read more »

The Games – Ted Kotsmaka

As a widely published short fiction author, Ted Kosmatka’s first novel The Games is hardly a debut. Since 2008, Kosmatka has seen eight stories reprinted in Years Best anthologies and received multiple award nominations, most prominently the Nebula for his story Divining Light. He’s also a writer for Valve, creators of the massively successful Half-Life video… Read more »

Today I Wrote Posts Somewhere Else

Stefan Raets, owner and operator of the excellent blog Far Beyond Reality, joined me here on my blog a few weeks ago to talk about the Hugo Award (here). I decided to reciprocate and wrote a post for his blog today. Stefan has a regular feature called ‘Fifty Page Friday’ where he gives a book… Read more »

If you liked…. A Song of Ice and Fire

This is a new feature I’m going to try out here on the blog. My goal is to recommend books for fans of a larger book franchise. For example, if you liked The Wheel of Time, you might also really like Raymond Feist’s Riftwar Saga. Easy enough, right? Except I’m going to try to be… Read more »

Triggers – Robert J. Sawyers

Robert J. Sawyer is one of those names that float through the genre world that everyone presumes everyone else has read. Especially since his starring role on the hit television show Lost — he’s really good looking isn’t he? Regardless, I was ashamed to admit that I’d never read Sawyer, who isn’t quite genre and… Read more »

Unveiled Art for Courtney Schafer’s The Tainted City

The cover illustration for Courtney Schafer’s forthcoming novel The Tainted City was released today (above). The new novel is the sequel to her well received first novel, The Whitefire Crossing, which I reviewed and recommended last year. First off, I’m glad to see the artistic style continued from the first novel (i.e. – artist David Palumbo). Night… Read more »

Interview with Anne Lyle author of Alchemist of Souls

Earlier this week I reviewed Anne Lyle’s debut novel Alchemist of Souls. It’s an excellent piece of historical fiction that she blends with fantasy elements to create something wholly unique. A lover of historical fiction during a long stretch in my 20’s, I found myself quickly drawn into the background of the novel. Before long I was… Read more »

The Rook – Daniel O’Malley

Daniel O’Malley’s debut novel features the tagline, On Her Majesty’s Supernatural Secret Service. It’s an apt description of The Rook which to describe it more verbosely is James Bond meets Harry Potter if Money Penny was the main character. Cool, right? I thought so too. Unfortunately what begins as an entertaining and clever urban fantasy… Read more »