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Upcoming Orbit Titles – Fall/Winter 2012

Below are the novels coming this Fall and Winter that I think are must reads. The truth is, I can’t read them all so I’m looking forward to seeing what interests you. I’m not going to mention Joe Abercrombie’s Red Country and Brent Weeks’s The Blinding Knife because they fall into the no-shit category. I want… Read more »

Redshirts: A Novel of Three Codas – John Scalzi

Around these parts I commit myself to (at least try) finishing everything I start. Why, you ask? Because I think it’s important for me to help my readers make decisions about what they should buy and what they should avoid. If I only read things that I enjoy, how will I ever fulfill the second… Read more »

Railsea by China Miéville

China Miéville, international man of mystery & outlandish science fictional ideas, has released a new novel targeted at readers of ‘all ages’, which is (typically) code for: a young adult novel that old people should like too. I would say in this case it means something closer to: this is a novel for adults that… Read more »

Fantasy: A Subgenre Taxonomy

The subgenre. Oh ye fickle beast. As a genre fiction blogger I find that when in doubt, argue a novel’s right to claim itself as urban fantasy or paranormal romance or magical realism. Trust me. It’s great fun and always manages to generate comments. In reality, genre predates blogging. Hard to imagine, I know. The first… Read more »

Today I wrote a post somewhere else…

Jared Shurin of Pornokitsch, who along with his partner Anne Perry writes one of the best blogs on planet Earth, queried the Twitter about people’s favorite novels from their childhoods. I responded with The Sword of Shannara and thought nothing else of it. Then Jared asked me to write about it. It took me a… Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day and Giveaway Winners

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I try not to under appreciate mine. This holiday has become increasingly complex for me in recent years. Mom, wife (mother of my child), and mother-in-law. It’s a triumvirate that used to be a single. I’m not complaining, but it seems like they’re ganging up on me. Right?… Read more »

Alexander Outland: Space Pirate – G.J. Koch (and giveaway)

Comedy is a real bitch to write. When I asked G.J. Koch, author of Alexander Outland: Space Pirate to talk with me about her new novel she said, “Dying is easy, comedy is hard. In part because everyone can agree that the hero dying before he gets to marry the princess is tragic, but what makes me… Read more »

Is it just me…?

I was looking through my Goodreads Read-2012 shelf and I was intrigued by a pattern I saw developing. Namely, that there seems to be a goodly number of high profile science fiction titles released this year. In the next few weeks: Blue Remembered Earth by Alistair ReynoldsRedshirts: A Novel of Three Codas by John Scalzi2312… Read more »

The Desert of Souls – Howard Andrew Jones

One Thousand and One Nights, or as it’s better known in the English speaking world, Arabian Nights, is a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. The basic premise is that a Persian king discovers his wife’s infidelity and has her executed. Deciding all women are the same, the… Read more »

If you liked… American Gods

My goal is to recommend books for fans of a larger book franchise. For example, if you liked The Wheel of Time, you might also really like Raymond Feist’s Riftwar Saga. Easy enough, right? Except I’m going to try to be less obvious than that. I fully expect half of the people reading this post to say, ‘no… Read more »