A New Project | Speculative Fiction 2012: The Year’s Best Online Reviews & Commentary

Press release originally appeared on Pornokitsch:

Jurassic London are pleased to announce Speculative Fiction 2012: The Year’s Best Online Reviews & Commentary, capturing the best of 2012’s blogs, websites and other digital publications.

With the online reviewing community larger than ever before, Speculative Fiction aims to both capture and celebrate the best in genre non-fiction: the top book reviews, criticism and essays of the year.

The collection will be edited by Justin Landon (Staffer’s Book Review) and Jared Shurin (Pornokitsch).

Speculative Fiction will be available February 2013. All proceeds will go to charity (partner TBA).

The editors are currently seeking recommendations. Pieces must be longer than 500 words. This is a reprint anthology: work must have been first published online, in 2012 and not in a professional publication.

Recommendations should be submitted here: Speculative Fiction 2012.

Payment will be on publication, at the reprint rate of one cent a word, plus a contributor copy.


Expect more announcements as we move through the process, but generally speaking, Jared and I both feel very strongly that this is an important project. The internet is an incredible place. Post something here and it’s here forever. But, that’s a blessing and a curse.

Years and years of reviews and commentary about genre fiction have occurred and been lost to memory, occasionally found in a Google search, but more often queried on Twitter, “Anyone know where to find that great post?” We want to help create a record, a snapshot in time of what was important today.

Give us a hand, huh?

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