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I write a regular column at SF Signal spotlighting small presses from around the world. Last month I wrote about Small Beer Press, a literary genre press out of Massachusetts. Today, I spent 1100 words on ChiZine, the rapidly growing dark fiction press from Toronto, Canada.


I’ve taken to frequenting brick and mortar book stores more often since beginning this column. I find myself needing to peruse the stacks, to see what catches my eye and what’s being stocked. It should come as no surprise that few of the presses I’ll be covering find themselves en masse on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, but some do. ChiZine Publications is one of them.

When I first came across ChiZine, two years ago or so, I wrote them off to some degree. I’ve never been one for weird for its own sake and covers like David Nickle’s Monstrous Affections coded that way for me. Many of their early titles also seemed to trend closer to horror than fantasy or science fiction and, of the three, horror has long been my least favorite. More accurately, I don’t really like pissing myself while reading. ChiZine claims they want “Horror that isn’t just gross or going for a cheap scare, but fundamentally disturbing, instilling a sense of true dread.” To put it another way, be warned, you may piss yourself.

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