SF Signal Podcast: Is optimism in SF dead?


This week I’m on the SF Signal podcast talking about whether or not optimism is SF is dead. It’s an idea that’s been discussed before ad nauseum, but seems relevant again in recent days as a result of Paul Kincaid’s article in the Los Angeles Review of Books titled, “The Widening Gyre”. I’m joined on the podcast by Stina Leicht, Jamie Todd Rubin, Derek Johnson, Jaym Gates, and estimable Patrick Hester.

The discussion started with an idea that optimism in SF meant, generally, happy stories or stories set in a utopia. I took the notion of optimism slightly different, looking instead the optimism in the development of human capability (i.e. – interstellar travel, posthuman, et. al.). Unfortunately, with an hour and six panelists, we only started the conversation. But, hopefully it gets people thinking.

Give it a listen.

At the end of the podcast I mention four articles worth checking out on this subject.

I’d also recommend the same Paul Kincaid’s interview with Nerds of a Feather “INTERVIEW: Paul Kincaid–Is SF ‘Exhausted?’

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