Staffer’s Book Review Gets a Permanent Face Lift

Last month I moved my blog from Google Blogger to my own WordPress site here at At the time, I changed the look of the blog because I had to, but it wasn’t what I ultimately planned for the site. I quickly put my head down and got to work on what the kind of design I felt my blog deserved.

I took a lot of inspiration from Aidan Moher’s beautifully designed blog, A Dribble of Ink. For the past two weeks I’ve been ‘blowing up’ his gChat getting this thing together. He does this kind of thing professionally after all. He’s been a tremendous help and I can’t thank him enough. But, maybe this is a start:

aidan_moher_heartThe goal was to create something clean, fast, and slick. If you can believe it, almost everything is text, excepting the background image and the images embedded in the posts. New, modern browsers and developments in CSS and HTML5 have opened up all kinds of new avenues for the creative mind. I think I accomplished my goal, unless you use an old browser in which case this all looks like utter shit (sorry). 

I’d love to hear feedback from my readers though. What don’t you like? Is anything hard to read? How can I make it better?

Thanks for your patience.

Written by justin


Justin is the Overlord of Staffer’s Book Review. When he’s not writing things of dubious value to the world, he’s at the gym or being a dad. You can follow him on a multitude of social media, which is strongly suggested lest you miss out on vital information that could someday save your life.