Author D&D — Epic ConFusion January 2012 (Finally)

My readers may recall some months ago I had a very unique opportunity to watch some of the genre’s best writers play a game of D&D. Not only was I in the room, but I was filming it. From the footage I took I spliced together a quick trailer that I released back in February.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have ownership of the full recording which was around three hours long. The film I shot made a circuitous route through several hands before ending in Peter V. Brett’s possession. He took on the burden of having it edited and put together in a format that was actually watchable.

I apologize for the shoddy camera work, the room was tiny and I was buried in a corner with a fixed camera angle. I actually think the wall may have an impression of my ass to this day.

Without any additional preamble, thirty minutes of authors playing D&D:


Written by Justin Landon

Justin Landon

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