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Lest These Stories Be ForgottenLast year I read The Winds of Khalakavo and called it fantasy meets War and Peace, or something like that. Brad Beaulieu merged the epic fantasy tradition with a very Russian aesthetic, and it worked brilliantly. I went on to read his co-authored novella (with Stephen Gaskell) Strata and continued to be impressed.

Then, I got a chance to meet Beaulieu at Epic ConFusion 2011. He’s a gracious, articulate guy who I had several tremendous conversations with over the course of the convention. He recently announced a project to collect his prolific short fiction, most of which comes from before he was a published novelist, in a single volume. It’s on Kickstarter now and for a $5 contribution you get an eCopy of the collection and The Winds of Khalakavo (and if he gets to $3,000 you’ll get a copy of its sequel, The Straits of Galahesh). That’s a hell of a deal.

In Beaulieu’s own words:

Lest Our Passage Be Forgotten & Other Stories is a brand new story collection from the Bradley P. Beaulieu, the author of The Winds of KhalakovoThe Straits of Galahesh, and The Flames of Shadam Khoreh.

Since the release of my debut novel and its sequel, I’ve been asked by fans if I have any more fiction out. I’ve written a few dozen short stories that have been published in places like Realms of FantasyOrson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine ShowWriters of the Future, and several DAW Books anthologies like Steampunk’dThe Dimension Next Door, and Spells of the City. The trouble was, these stories aren’t collected in any one place that people can buy.

That’s the goal of this Kickstarter, to get these stories into the hands of the readers who want them. I’ve already contacted the wonderful artist of the Dark Valkyrie, Sang Han, the piece you see above, and arranged for its use once the Kickstarter is fully funded. I also have a copy editor lined up to go over any new material for this collection.

I’ve set the initial goal of the Kickstarter as low as I can to cover things like copy editing and artwork, and I’m confident we can reach that goal. But I have some exciting stretch goals planned as well (see Stretch Goals above).

I would very much appreciated your spreading the word about this, my first Kickstarter. Even if it’s not for you, your friends might love a chance to get an early copy of this story collection. And if you participate, I am deeply grateful in your confidence in me as a writer, because let’s face it, that’s the writer’s greatest pleasure, sharing the stories they wish to tell.

Overall, I hope more authors do this. It’s a great way to bring their fiction to a wider audience, particularly considering the difficulty in getting a collection into the world and the decreased readership of the magazines.

Visit the Kickstarter at kickbrad.com and check it out for yourself.

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