A Turn of Light or A Memory of Light?

Julie Czerneda has been around a while. She’s published a bunch of novels (over a dozen) since her debut, A Thousand Words for Stranger, was published in 1997 by DAW Books. Her next novel, A Turn of Light, is due out early next year. Check out the cover.

A Turn of Light

The village of Marrowdell is an isolated pioneer community, but it is also the place where two worlds overlap, and at the turn of light–sunset–the world of magic known as the Verge can briefly be seen.

Doesn’t that just look like Darrell Sweet come back to us? Is that Egwene? Is that Gawain on the horse? I feel like this could have been the cover for A Memory of Light and none of us would have blinked. Even the type face looks like a classic Wheel of Time novel. Here’s The Gathering Storm for comparisons sake:


I have to say the A Turn of Light artist has a better idea of what people actually look like, but nevertheless I think given the similar titles A Memory of Light could have ended up looking at lot more pastoral.

Here’s the actual cover for A Memory of Light that we’ve all seen a thousand times now:


I don’t know about you, but I would have preferred the Czerneda cover. In any case, I can’t wait to read the final Wheel of Time novel. I fully expect to have an early review written for all of you before release day.

Stay tuned.

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