Announcing the 2012 Juice Box Awards

Juice Box AwardSo, 2012 is over and that means it’s time for the ‘Best of 2012′ lists to start trickling out.  The truth is I’m a little behind the trend due to some real world constraints, but it’s time to get on the horse. Last year I debuted my ‘Juice Box Awards’ and I dug it. The’re back.

I’m going to be doing a short list (5) for each of the book awards and then I always like to give a few Juice Boxes out to people or presses in the industry I think worthy of recognition.  I’ll be doing a separate post for each category with a goal of having them all done before February (we’ll see).  My award categories are as follows:

Best Small Press of 2012
Most Consistent
Editor of the Year
Cover of the Year
Best Book I Read This Year Not Published in 2012
Most Disappointing Book of 2012
Debut of the Year
Book of the Year

*I reserve the right to add nonsense awards at any time.  I’ll probably also be doing a ‘summary’ post breaking down the ‘stats’ of this years collection of reading.

Stay tuned!


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