Book Tree Giveaway Winners!

After much soul searching and evaluating, or what Wesley Chu calls roaming the steppes on his trusty steed, Eva. . .

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. . .we selected the three winners of our Book Tree Holiday Giveaway! Actually, on second thought, it looks like he’s riding a dog on his way to boost a diamond necklace from the Metropolitan Museum. Right?

And the winners are…

First Prize: Rai Y from Nashville, TN

treeLook at the size of that thing! Rai works at McKay Used Books and used the contest as an opportunity for a store display. Bravo, I say. Chu said, “that tree is taller than me.”

Second Prize:  Jon R. (and son Aki R.) from Japan

Jon R book tree Aki R book tree

I don’t know this for a fact, but it appears that Jon and Aki used a Fisher Price Little People nativity set. I find a great amount of humor in that. Also, Ninja Turtles, beer, and two of the finest books ever written, Shogun by James Clavell and The Scar by China Mieville. Chu  is a little angry that they couldn’t find a way to include Destro, Tomax, and Xamot as the Three Wise Men, but nevertheless we found consensus.

Third Prize: Keilin H.

book tree (2)When it comes right down it, Chu and I agreed that a holiday tree needs lights. Keilin was the only one who obliged. Sure the book choices aren’t the greatest and the hand drawn star, while charming, is no Silver Samurai or My Little Pony, but it has lights! And Keilin’s lights lit up our.. erm.. contest.

Thank to everyone who entered!


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