The Farseer Trilogy gets Simonized.

[cp_dropcaps]W[/cp_dropcaps]ith one of the most distinct styles in genre cover illustration today, French artist Marc Simonetti has painted the Brazilian covers for Robin Hobb’s famous Assassin’s Apprentice and Royal Assassin, the first two novels in the Farseer Trilogy. Unlike the original covers from the U.S. editions, Simonetti is doing a much better job of capturing the kind of novels Hobb wrote. Bleak, fraught with emotion, and far beyond standard epic fantasy themes, the series was never authentically presented. Even the titles of the novel are incredibly misleading to an audience who would expect from them something akin to a Brent Weeks or David Dalglish novel.

Marc Simonetti getting Robin Hobb incredibly right:


Assassin’s Apprentice


Royal Assassin

Are you with me? Doesn’t he seem to “get it” more than any other Hobb’s past artists have?

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