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Here’s the deal, I’m the host of the podcast. It’s called Rocket Talk. It’s a a show dedicated to insightful and expansive conversations about all the cool ass shit we love. So, check it out. To preemptively answer your question, I am both the Ninja and the Cthulu thing. I am Ninjulu, a dread assassin from beyond the veil of reality.

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Rocket Talk, the podcast, launches today and we couldn’t be more excited! (Thanks to Tim Paul for the awesome banner!)

To be released weekly, Rocket Talk will blend discussion style talk-radio with audio narrations of’s award winning short fiction. The podcast will take the vast landscape of and beam it straight into your ear holes. It will capture the tremendous dialogue on the website and take it to the digital airwaves like a Viking horde beaching a seaside village with more group dancing and less pillaging.

You’re probably wondering who will be on the podcast. The answer is everyone, but one voice will be there every week—Justin Landon. You may know him from the First Law Trilogy rereadUnder the Radar, or hisTwitter feed. You will soon know him as the host of Rocket Talk. You know, if you listen to the podcast. Otherwise you’ll probably continue to know him as that other guy, or not at all. Which is really a shame for him, but only a problem for you if your life lacks absurd pop culture analogies to describe science fiction and fantasy. Regardless, we very much hope you’ll get to know him and the dozens of brilliant guests that will be on the show in the coming weeks and months.

Read the whole thing here.

You may now shower me with your excitement.


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