Duck and Covers: The Foreign Edition


Any discussion on covers of non-US/UK editions seems to begin with Marc Simonetti. French based, he works on covers around the world, including the US and UK. Above is the cover to Assassin’s Quest for Leya Brazil. One of the things I love most above Simonetti is his interest in full paintings that cover the entire jacket. Whether the publisher ultimately uses the whole thing or not, it makes for a pretty tremendous piece of art. Below is another beautiful Simonetti from the French edition for Panini of Jeff Salyard’s Scourge of the Betrayer.


Anthony Ryan took the genre world by storm last year with one of the best selling fantasy debuts in a while. He’s starting to hit foreign markets now and below are three editions. The first is the French edition from Bragelonne. The artist, Dieder Graffet, is most recognizable to English readers by his work on the Gollancz hardcover editions of Joe Abercrombie’s work. The second is a German edition, artist unknown, and the third is Hungarian with art by Kira Santa. I think among the three I quite like Santa’s work. It’s old school, but has a charm the other two lack. Graffet’s in particular I find too full of tired tropes, although I think in all three cases I prefer them to the US/UK art.


art by Dieder Graffet


art by unknown


art by Kira Santa

And finally, Portuguese artist Luis Melo does his version of Terry Brooks’ classic epic fantasy novel, The Sword of Shannara. Like Kira Santa’s art above, Melo has a certain charm to his work that is so much brighter than what’s being done in mainstream SFF covers in the US and UK. There’s a joy in them that’s too often lacking lately. What do you think?

art by Luis Melo


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