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Blog Tour: Myke Cole’s Breach Zone (Giveaway)

The Great Reawakening did not come quietly. Across the country and in every nation, people began “coming up Latent,” developing terrifying powers—summoning storms, raising the dead, and setting everything they touch ablaze. Those who Manifest must choose: become a sheepdog who protects the flock or a wolf who devours it… So reads the blurb for… Read more »

Book Tree Giveaway Winners!

I think the Kitschies, like the WFAs, do great work. I just wish juried awards didn't smack of subtle derision toward deep-genre readers. — Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) January 23, 2014 After much soul searching and evaluating, or what Wesley Chu calls roaming the steppes on his trusty steed, Eva. . .   . . .we… Read more »

Contest: Show Me Your Book Tree

Wesley Chu, author of Lives of Tao and Deaths of Tao, built a book tree. He used pine cones and ornaments and bows and a weird book about male fashion (see bottom!). He conveniently placed his own books at the trees pinnacle, standing on the shoulders of Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin. The tattered… Read more »

Myke Cole theorizes undiscovered magic talents. . . (Guest Post & Giveaway)

I recently detailed the intricacies of the Shadow Ops magic system over at Fantasy Faction. In that post, I hinted that there was more to magic than the basic authorized and Probe school system I laid out in Control Point. In this article, I’ve decided to gives a glimpse into the more esoteric, one might even say singular,… Read more »

End of Debut Authorpalooza and Grand Prize Giveaway

For the last fourteen days this blog has been turned over to ten of the best debut authors 2011 (and one 2012) had to offer. I was honored to have them here, not only because I didn’t have to write a post myself for two weeks, but because I believe supporting debut writers is the… Read more »

Excerpt from The Merchant of Dreams by Anne Lyle (giveaway)

THE MERCHANT OF DREAMS by Anne Lyle  Chapter I  Mal leant over the ship’s rail, scanning the shore for any sign of a wreck. The mistral had swept the sky bare, leaving the coast etched in hard lines by the cold clear light of a January morn. “There,” he said at last, pointing to a… Read more »

Excerpt from The Straits of Galahesh by Bradley P. Beaulieu (giveaway)

THE STRAITS OF GALAHESH By Bradley P. Beaulieu *** The akhoz galloped more than ran, their long limbs loping over the ground faster than it appeared they could. Their lips were drawn back, their dark tongues hidden behind blackened teeth, making them appear vengeful and ravenous. Nasim’s sandals scraped over the ancient stone. His nerves… Read more »

Excerpt from Knifesworn by Mazarkis Williams (and giveaway)

KNIFESWORN By Mazarkis Williams § Thrashing churned the water, white foam, tinged brown with river mud. Grada knelt on a broad stone bedded in the shoreline, her arms elbow deep, wringing as she had wrung out the robes of the wealthy many times before. Muscles bunched across her shoulders. Jenna had always said she was… Read more »

Excerpt from and Blues Skies from Pain by Stina Leicht (Giveaway)

AND BLUE SKIES FROM PAIN By Stina Leicht “Keep your hands where I can see them,” Ned McCoy said, pulling a pistol from his pocket. Something in his voice said he almost regretted the request. Liam left his hands on the steering wheel of the idling RS, and attempted to hide his nerves behind his… Read more »

Chapter One of The Tainted City by Courtney Schafer (Giveaway)

THE TAINTED CITY Chapter One (Dev) I wedged my fingers higher in the crack snaking up the boulder’s overhanging face. A push of a foot, a twist of my body, and the overhang’s lip was nearly within reach. Good thing, since I had to finish this little warm-up climb fast, or risk a whipping if… Read more »