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Forgotten Future: The Stories We’re Missing

Hurley Mirror Empire Slice

My first epic fantasy novel, The Mirror Empire, came out this month. It was one of over 300 other science fiction and fantasy books that came out this month. That doesn’t count self-published titles. It also doesn’t count the other story media vying for our attention today – new video games, television shows, and movies…. Read more »

Necromancer Lawyers and the Existential Dread of Privilege


Fantasy, we’re told, is escapist. Moribund. Dragons and rakshasa and princesses in tall towers providing a sumptuous divertissement from quotidian banality. Fantasy is junk food for those unwilling or unable to digest the dense virtuosity of Joyce or Faulkner. Urban fantasy, the trenchcoat-wearing, revolver-toting ghetto of magical PIs and shapeshifter femmes fatales, is even less… Read more »

‘You are what you read,’ by Jonathan Wood

[cp_dropcaps]I[/cp_dropcaps]n a bookstore, my finger traces titles along spines.  I come to a book facing out, pause.  The title is spelled in monumental block capitals.  Below it, the author’s name is emblazoned in the same gold embossed font.  A glimpse of a jungle and a temple is squeezed in between the two.  There is no… Read more »

Smugglivus and Women Illustrators

Ana and Thea of the Book Smugglers invited me to their site today to talk about whatever I felt like talking about. Every year at this time they host Smugglivus, inviting authors and bloggers to talk about what they loved in 2013 and what they’re looking forward to in the new year. For the second… Read more »

‘Legal Systems in Genre and Why No One Paid Attention to Them… Until Now’ by Max Gladstone

Editor’s note: I was a huge fan of Max Gladstone’s debut novel, Three Parts Dead. He got my vote for the John W. Campbell Award last year, and may do so again in 2014 if he gets nominated again. I invited him here today to talk about one of the most fascinating concepts I’ve seen… Read more »

“The Flawed Masterpiece of 2012 You Never Heard About” by Zachary Jernigan

One of my favorite books is Roger Zelazny’s Creatures of Light and Darkness (1969). It’s a whirlwind of disparate elements, mixing super pulpy science fantasy concepts and serious literary techniques into a ridiculously fun — and confounding — product. It doesn’t work, really; it makes no sense and it has weak characterization, no beating emotional heart; but… Read more »

Under the Covers: Award-winning book designer Erik Mohr discusses his process

I’ve been working in visual communication for most of my life. Whether as a fine artist, illustrator, art director or graphic designer, I communicate with images. Designing book covers for ChiZine Publications is a chance for me to play, exploring extremely dark themes and imagery that I would otherwise steer away from in my more… Read more »

Matt Gilliard of 52 Reviews Talks About His First Year Blogging

I started 52 Reviews last July with no plan other than to give myself a place to talk about the books I read, and to give my non-genre fiancé a respite from constant nattering on about magic systems, character development, and prose styles. It didn’t take long before blogging and reviewing went beyond a momentary… Read more »

It’s like a melody in my head by T.L. Costa

So, when it comes to voice in fiction, I feel I can only speak to my opinion of what voice is and how I use it in my writing. The answer, simply enough, is music. When I was little I remember sitting at my father’s feet as he played the guitar. He could play lots… Read more »

Napoleonic Bechdel Tests by Michael J. Martinez

There’s been a lot of intense debate in recent weeks about the treatment of women in the SF/F community, as well as the depiction of women in SF/F works. For the former, I can only express my dismay over how many female authors and editors have been treated in public, in private and in writing…. Read more »