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Rocket Talk, the Podcast

Here’s the deal, I’m the host of the podcast. It’s called Rocket Talk. It’s a a show dedicated to insightful and expansive conversations about all the cool ass shit we love. So, check it out. To preemptively answer your question, I am both the Ninja and the Cthulu thing. I am Ninjulu, a dread assassin… Read more »

See me at Pornokitsch today. . .

With the Hugo Awards recently opening their doors to nominations, Jared Shurin from Pornokitsch invited me over to talk about the books I think are mostly likely to be forgotten by the voters. Our first Friday Five for 2013 is a doozy, with three of the interweb’s more thoughtful genre reviewers swinging by to chat… Read more »

Find me at SF Signal today

My newest column on small presses has gone up at SF Signal. I focused the spotlight on Prime Books, a small publisher out of Maryland. I apologize for being two months behind on my column. It’s been a busy time. My wife and I found out we’re having our second child. We bought a puppy…. Read more »

Smugglivus 2012–My Contribution

Ana and Thea from the Book Smugglers contacted me a few months ago and asked me to write a post for their annual Smugglivus event. They ask their guest writers to [look] back at their favorite reads of 2012, and looking forward to events and upcoming books in 2013. But, since I’m not one for binary… Read more »

A New Organization Formed at Bastard Books

Almost two months ago, Bastard of Bastards Books asked me to write a guest post about why I’m not so jazzed with urban fantasy. I agreed, but it wasn’t a real easy post to tackle and I kept fussing with it. I finally got around to finishing it, and he finally got around to posting… Read more »

Infidel by Kameron Hurley, a rewrite

With Kameron Hurley’s final novel in her Bel Dame Apocrypha being released, I thought it would be appropriate to rerun my God’s War and Infidel reviews at A Dribble of Ink, before publishing a review of Hurley’s concluding volume, Rapture. I had a problem though, I didn’t really think my review of either of the first two novels was all… Read more »

SF Signal | ChiZine Publications in the Spotlight

I write a regular column at SF Signal spotlighting small presses from around the world. Last month I wrote about Small Beer Press, a literary genre press out of Massachusetts. Today, I spent 1100 words on ChiZine, the rapidly growing dark fiction press from Toronto, Canada. I’ve taken to frequenting brick and mortar book stores more… Read more »

New SF Signal Column by Yours Truly

A few weeks back SF Signal approached me about my interest in doing a column. After some back and forth we decided on a column about small presses. I’ve always been a fan of reading things a little off the beaten path around here and I hope to do even more of it in the… Read more »