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Duck and Covers: Are you not entertained?!

I wish Raymond Swanland did more cover work. No one captures motion like he does. Admittedly, his style is so unique as to be almost one-note, but I love it nevertheless. Here he is with a new novel from K.V. Johansen and Pyr. I feel like Swanland really should be illustrating X-Men when I see… Read more »

Duck and Covers: Raiding the Tor Catalog

Another piece of Richard Anderson art? Yes, please. I know I’m flogging the horse so to speak, but I adore this man’s art and will find any excuse to put it on my blog. As if Anderson’s work needs any extra boost, it was created for the new Peter Watts. Echopraxia will be the first… Read more »

2012 Juice Box Award: Cover of the Year

My short list for Cover of the Year is six books long (see below). There’s not really a connective thread between them except that none are photograph based — a trend I loathed in lasts years award, and I continue to find repellent  Additionally, you’ll see no hooded men because hooded men are still lame and… Read more »