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Round-up of older titles read recently (and one new one)

#1) Jhereg by Steven Brust Somehow I’ve gone 25 years of genre without reading Steven Brust. I remember very distinctly  buying The Phoenix Guards at a middle-school book fair, but found it not to my tastes at the time. Jhereg, Brust’s first novel, is nothing like how I remember that first foray. Stripped to the bare essentials,… Read more »

2013 Juice Box Awards: Best Book I Read Not Published in 2013

My annual reading is about 70-80% current year releases. But, with around 100 books read a year that leaves a not insignificant number of off-year reads that I like to recognize and talk about. In year’s past this has been something of the KJ Parker award, with The Folding Knife winning the award in 2011… Read more »

A Quartet of Reviews: ‘Cause I Need to Catch Up

She Who Waits by Daniel Polansky I’ve come to the conclusion that Daniel Polansky is a writer’s writer. By that I mean writers love his work. It isn’t to say that the average reader won’t enjoy She Who Waits or Straight Razor Cure, or Tomorrow the Killing, but that writers will enjoy them more. The… Read more »

Masks by E.C. Blake

Masks is the functional equivalent of the YA dystopia in a traditional epic fantasy setting. At the age of fifteen, citizens are recognized as adults and must don magic Masks on orders from the all powerful Autarch. To maintain his grip on the kingdom, the Masks reveal any treasonous thoughts or actions to the Autarch’s ever vigilant Watchers. At her coming of age ceremony, Mara, daughter of the Master Maskmaker, is rejected by her Mask. Banished into slavery, she’s forced to confront the rotten core that supports the Autarch’s reign.

A selection of books read lately, and a few I just couldn’t finish. . .

Generation V by ML Brennan So I spent two hundred pages of this novel waiting for Five to show up. I’m thinking there’s five members of the main family? Nope, four. There’s five victims of murder? Nope. And you know what I decided? ML Brennan is just a liar. Nothing in this novel has anything… Read more »

2012 Juice Box Award: Debut of the Year

Of the one-hundred books I read in 2012, nearly one quarter of them were first time authors. I read slightly more last year (28), which makes some sense considering that 2011 was a far better year for debuts than 2012. Regardless, I would happily stack up this year’s Juice Box short list against last year’s…. Read more »

2012 Juice Box Award: Best Book I Read Not Published in 2012

My 2012 Juice Box Awards hit a bit of a snag called a new job. I quite underestimated the challenge of moving into a new work environment after ten years. But, I’m going to do my damnedest to get my 2012 awards done this week! One of my favorite awards is recognizing books from years past… Read more »

A Turn of Light or A Memory of Light?

Julie Czerneda has been around a while. She’s published a bunch of novels (over a dozen) since her debut, A Thousand Words for Stranger, was published in 1997 by DAW Books. Her next novel, A Turn of Light, is due out early next year. Check out the cover. The village of Marrowdell is an isolated… Read more »

Three Short Reviews of Recently Read Books (October)

I’ve fallen behind a bit in my reviewing, with some ten books read as yet unreviewed. In an effort to catch up, I’m going to do write three short reviews here. It isn’t just a matter of catching up, the truth is books don’t always have a thousand word review in them, and who would… Read more »

Libriomancer – Jim C. Hines

Before I talk about Jim C. Hines’ newest novel Libriomancer, I wanted to briefly address his recent decision to withdraw from a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the Fantasy Subreddit community. The Fantasy Subreddit is made up of nearly 18,000 highly engaged readers. It’s a wide ranging group of fans, some of a… Read more »