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2012 Juice Box Award: Most Disappointing Book of the Year

Admittedly, this is the Juice Box no one wants to drink. It’s like the equivalent of the Coastal Cooler Capri Sun. No eight year old should have to suffer that abomination in their lunchbox. By the same token, the books that make this short list really shouldn’t have been foisted on to unsuspecting genre fans…. Read more »

When Mainstream Publishers Do SFF

Daniel Polansky’s debut novel, Low Town, was released last year by Doubleday. Owned by Random House, Doubleday publishes mostly mainstream fiction, with a smattering of science fiction and fantasy. Some of their more recent genre work includes David Anthony Durham’s Acacia Trilogy and Graham Joyce’s Some Kind of Fairy Tale. For the most part, they do… Read more »

Amped – Daniel H. Wilson

I was so amped to read Amped. I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. In reality, I was moderately interested in Daniel H. Wilson’s follow up to his New York Times bestelling debut Robopocalypse. His first novel was an entertaining page turner that garnered far better press than it rightly deserved, but it demonstrated that Wilson was… Read more »

Giveaway – The Acacia Trilogy by David Anthony Durham

This week I turned my blog into David Anthony Durham central. Why did I do it? In short, because his Acacia Trilogy is one of the best completed series of the last ten years. I’m a huge fan. His books reintroduced me to fantasy. Below are links to my review and a tremendous interview: Review… Read more »

David Anthony Durham Interview (Part 2)

Part One of my Interview with David Anthony Durham Justin: Some commentators out there, myself not included (obviously), say that War with the Mein didn’t do it for them. It wasn’t until the second book that the series caught them. I wonder if it’s because the first novel is couched in traditional epic high fantasy, where the second… Read more »

David Anthony Durham Interview (Part 1)

I first read David Anthony Durham back in 2007 when I came across his novel Pride of Carthage. After finishing it, I felt compelled to peruse his other work and I came across Acacia: The War With the Mein. I was quickly ensnared and I’ve anxiously awaited every novel he’s published since. I read the… Read more »

A Series Review: Acacia by David Anthony Durham

“Of course a thing that could be made into a weapon would be made into a weapon. It did not matter if it was a thing of beauty. It did not matter if their mission was holy and benevolent. It only mattered that The Song could be twisted to serve human greed. If that was so,… Read more »

Robopocalypse – Daniel H. Wilson

Post-Novel + 39 Minutes This account was transcribed by a certain book reviewer a few days after the books began their campaign against humanity. The reviewer was clearly suffering from post-literary confusion, but little did he know the impact he would come to have on the future of mankind. Narrator, ID#4857382 I know I will… Read more »