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Find Me in Other Places on the Interweb

Aidan Moher, of genre super blogĀ A Dribble of Ink, has invited me syndicate reviews on his site. The first one, my early review of Alastair Reynolds’ Blue Remembered Earth, went live yesterday, coinciding with the novel’s US release date. As a prolific reviewer, something Aidan doesn’t do as often as he’d like, I’m hoping to… Read more »

Podcasting – The Functional Nerds

Last week, the Functional Nerds invited me on their podcast to talk about book blogging. Paul Weimer, of SF Signal and overlord of commenting on blogs everywhere, joined me, along with hosts Patrick Hester and John Anealio. We talked for exactly 42 minutes about a host of things, like how awesome I am (that didn’t… Read more »