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2013 Juice Box Awards: Best Book I Read Not Published in 2013

My annual reading is about 70-80% current year releases. But, with around 100 books read a year that leaves a not insignificant number of off-year reads that I like to recognize and talk about. In year’s past this has been something of the KJ Parker award, with The Folding Knife winning the award in 2011… Read more »

Duck and Covers: Simon Ings Gets a Facelift

The image above is a slice from the Gollancz re-issue of Simon Ings’ 1999 Headlong, originally published by HarperCollins. The art from Jeffery Alan Love (website) is absolutely haunting. Known for his work in outlets like the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, and other major editorial publications, Love hasn’t done a ton of cover work,… Read more »

Duck and Covers: One Cheer, a Couple of Jeers, and a WTF

Beautiful, isn’t it? It reminds me quite a bit of the cover for Adam Robert’s award winning Jack Glass. Gospel for Loki is a different artist though, coming from the minds of Andreas Preis with additional design by Craig Fraser. Did you notice the cool Rainbow Bridge in the back left corner? Very cool Norse themes… Read more »

The Abercrombie Reread–How much blood will be spilled?

Today begins my deep, dark, dive into the mind of Joe Abercrombie. I touch on my interpretation of grimdark, what Abercrombie is trying to accomplish in The First Law Trilogy, and begin rereading the prologue. Go check it out: Welcome to the officially unofficial reread of Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself, and, unless I do… Read more »

If you liked… Joe Abercrombie

It’s been a long time since I did an “If you liked” post. Since Joe Abercrombie is becoming the center of my blogging life for the foreseeable future, I figured I’d talk about him some more. One of the things that makes Abercrombie unique is that all of his books are written in a different style…. Read more »

Announcing: Joe Abercrombie Obsession

Yes, that’s a really big picture of the title of Joe Abercrombie’s first book. I’m a pretty big proponent of his work, in case anyone wasn’t aware yet. I posted it in celebration of my first post at which was published this morning. In it I review Abercrombie’s newest short story “Some Desperado”. I had not… Read more »

A few things I’ve read of late, and (very briefly) Pacific Rim

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan If ever there’s been a book most closely described by a single word, it would be Altered Carbon and the word would be visceral. It’s a word with many connotations, but one definition I read said, “dealing with crude or elemental emotions.” I think that puts a fine point… Read more »

Duck and Covers: I Can’t Get Over How Awesome These Are

I posted the first four covers a few weeks ago in Gollancz’s new series of Fantasy Masterworks. Here are two more gorgeous additions. I absolutely applaud the art director on these. I wish I could find some information on the artist(s). Oddly, I’ve never heard of either of these novels. Anyone have any thoughts on… Read more »

Duck and Covers: The Masterworks’ Masterpieces

I’m going to present these covers largely un-editorialized. Well, less that usual. The truth is these gorgeous covers are as simple as they are intricate. They seem to capture some of the power of their underlying content, without reaching too far into the esoteric. Gollancz has really done an amazing job with these Fantasy Masterworks… Read more »

Wheel of Epic Fantasy Turn, Turn, Turn. . .

  Wheel of epic fantasy turn, turn, turn Tell us the lesson that we should learn   And now on to the part of the blog where I present five novels that look. . . well. . . damn near identical. I’m sure there are all kinds of nuances that make them unique, but each… Read more »