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Duck and Covers: Don’t you love it when artists find inspiration?

First up, #1 New York Time Bestseller¬†Divergent¬†from HarperCollins and Skulk from Strange Chemistry. Skulk attempts to capitalize on the catching quality that the fiery logo in the sky communicates on Divergent. Unfortunately, the silhouettes running in the Subway tunnel doesn’t seem to be nearly as epic feeling as the Big City skyline of the bestselling… Read more »

Duck and Covers: Is the Baen art director taking side jobs?

When you’re Baen, you know you have a bit of a reputation for ridiculous covers. Not just over sexed ones either, but classics like: The covers below are not from Baen, a fact I find difficult to rationalize given the styles employed. Do you think Baen’s art director might be freelancing? First up, young adult… Read more »

Remember when I killed the UK Raymond Feist covers?

This is a lot more like it, isn’t it? I’m not in love with the cover, but it’s the best one that’s ever been put on one of Feist’s books. The pop of red works very well here, and I’d be interested in who the artist is, as HarperCollins UK didn’t announce it anywhere I… Read more »