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2014 Hugo Nominations, because it’s never too early

With the deadline for voting in the 2013 Hugo Awards looming (July 31), I thought it might be appropriate to start considering, at least, the things from the first half of 2013 that might be worth nominating next year. So often these discussions are left to the last moments and it’s so easy to forget… Read more »

Can we stop talking about the Hugos now?

This polemic will begin with something of a hyperbole. The Hugos are utter twaddle. Although the Hugos present the image of something more cosmopolitan or representative than the standard convention award, it’s becoming increasingly¬†apparent¬†every year that, despite being the most recognizable award in science fiction and fantasy cultural awareness, the Hugos are nothing more than… Read more »

See me at Pornokitsch today. . .

With the Hugo Awards recently opening their doors to nominations, Jared Shurin from Pornokitsch invited me over to talk about the books I think are mostly likely to be forgotten by the voters. Our first Friday Five for 2013 is a doozy, with three of the interweb’s more thoughtful genre reviewers swinging by to chat… Read more »