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Rocket Talk, Episode 8 — Sam Sykes talkin’ about Rockets

art by Tim Paul

In this week’s episode, Sam Sykes and I discuss the finger points of many things. Including: George R.R. Martin’s conquest of Westero… I mean, New Mexico. Brent Weeks’ conflicted nature. Lover or fighter? Grimdark. Is it a thing? Is it a dead thing? Is Abercrombie grimdark? Author meltdowns. Phoenix ComicCon …oh, and a little bit… Read more »

The Abercrombie Reread–How much blood will be spilled?

Today begins my deep, dark, dive into the mind of Joe Abercrombie. I touch on my interpretation of grimdark, what Abercrombie is trying to accomplish in The First Law Trilogy, and begin rereading the prologue. Go check it out: Welcome to the officially unofficial reread of Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself, and, unless I do… Read more »

If you liked… Joe Abercrombie

It’s been a long time since I did an “If you liked” post. Since Joe Abercrombie is becoming the center of my blogging life for the foreseeable future, I figured I’d talk about him some more. One of the things that makes Abercrombie unique is that all of his books are written in a different style…. Read more »

Announcing: Joe Abercrombie Obsession

Yes, that’s a really big picture of the title of Joe Abercrombie’s first book. I’m a pretty big proponent of his work, in case anyone wasn’t aware yet. I posted it in celebration of my first post at which was published this morning. In it I review Abercrombie’s newest short story “Some Desperado”. I had not… Read more »

How about five (more) mainstream novels for science fiction and fantasy readers?

Damien Walters of the Guardian did a list last week of genre novels that would/should appeal to mainstream readers. That’s cool, but such discussions always strike me as a little hat in hand to the mainstream reader asking, ‘please pay attention to us, won’t you?’ I think the reverse discussion might be a little more instructive,… Read more »

If Sam Sykes ran a Convention — SamCon 2013: Dare to attend!

Thoughts experiments are dangerous things. You know what’s even more dangerous? Thoughts of any kind from the mind of fantasy author Sam Sykes. Thought experiments. . . well, those are just frightening. Nevertheless, Sykes tweeted this gem: I’ll throw my OWN con.SamCon 2013.Guests include: me, my dog, maybe @jdiddyesquire if he brings pizza. — Sam… Read more »

Red Country by Joe Abercrombie

He caught Handsome’s wrist just as he pulled his axe free, wrenched it up and with the other hand snatched the knife from his fancy belt and rammed it in his groin, dragging up the blade, ripping him wide open, blood spraying the pair of them. And so goes Red Country. For those living under… Read more »