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2012 Juice Box Award: Book of the Year

I’m cutting it close getting this post done before my Hugo ballot is due. It’s a shame I’m only now finding the time to recognize the best books of 2012 three months in to 2013. Such is life. Last year, I gave the Juice Box to Maureen McHugh’s After the Apocalypse, a collection of her… Read more »

2012 Juice Box Award: Most Disappointing Book of the Year

Admittedly, this is the Juice Box no one wants to drink. It’s like the equivalent of the Coastal Cooler Capri Sun. No eight year old should have to suffer that abomination in their lunchbox. By the same token, the books that make this short list really shouldn’t have been foisted on to unsuspecting genre fans…. Read more »

2012 Juice Box Award: Best Book I Read Not Published in 2012

My 2012 Juice Box Awards hit a bit of a snag called a new job. I quite underestimated the challenge of moving into a new work environment after ten years. But, I’m going to do my damnedest to get my 2012 awards done this week! One of my favorite awards is recognizing books from years past… Read more »

2012 Juice Box Award: Editor of the Year

In previous years, I’ve awarded this Juice Box to the editor whom I felt best directed an imprint. To do it any other way is really difficult. While I believe an award for best editor SHOULD go to an editor who best improves the work they buy through actual editing, it’s impossible to judge. I… Read more »

Announcing the 2012 Juice Box Awards

So, 2012 is over and that means it’s time for the ‘Best of 2012′ lists to start trickling out.  The truth is I’m a little behind the trend due to some real world constraints, but it’s time to get on the horse. Last year I debuted my ‘Juice Box Awards’ and I dug it. The’re… Read more »