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2013 Juice Box Awards: Best Cover of the Year

Art is something I spent a lot of time in 2013 getting more knowledgeable about. I found a lot of incredible artists to geek out over, and a lot of really poorly executed pieces to decry. For the Juice Box Awards I look at two things, the quality of a cover’s illustration and its overall… Read more »

Duck and Covers: One Cheer, a Couple of Jeers, and a WTF

Beautiful, isn’t it? It reminds me quite a bit of the cover for Adam Robert’s award winning Jack Glass. Gospel for Loki is a different artist though, coming from the minds of Andreas Preis with additional design by Craig Fraser. Did you notice the cool Rainbow Bridge in the back left corner? Very cool Norse themes… Read more »

Duck and Covers: Another gorgeous Donato Giancola, and others

I can almost provide this cover image without comment. The third in Elizabeth Bear’s brilliant Eternal Sky trilogy, Steles of the Sky continues the story of Re Temur and the Wizard Samarkar in their fight against the Nameless Ones. It isn’t due out until next Spring, but I couldn’t resist talking about the cover. The entire… Read more »

2012 Juice Box Award: Cover of the Year

My short list for Cover of the Year is six books long (see below). There’s not really a connective thread between them except that none are photograph based — a trend I loathed in lasts years award, and I continue to find repellent  Additionally, you’ll see no hooded men because hooded men are still lame and… Read more »