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The Three by Sarah Lotz

There’s horror and then there’s horror. By that I mean there are novels that fit within the horror genre, with overt applications of “scary” and “suspenseful”, and then there are novels that are generally horrifying, with an ability to elicit dread from a reader. It is the latter category that Sarah Lotz’s first solo novel,… Read more »

An Explosion of Young Adult Short Reviews

I’m traveling again. This means two things, lots of reading time and very little time to write. During my trip I’ve been reading a lot of YA. I’m not sure why, other than I’ve been putting them off for another day. It’s been fortuitous though as I find YA to be perfectly suited to the… Read more »

The Rook – Daniel O’Malley

Daniel O’Malley’s debut novel features the tagline, On Her Majesty’s Supernatural Secret Service. It’s an apt description of The Rook which to describe it more verbosely is James Bond meets Harry Potter if Money Penny was the main character. Cool, right? I thought so too. Unfortunately what begins as an entertaining and clever urban fantasy… Read more »