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Why I’m Excited Today…

John Love has a new novel. Who’s John Love ? He’s a British dude who wrote one of the best novels of 2012 that no one has heard of–Faith. Built around the idea of aegrescit medendo, which is a Latin medical phrase meaning, ‘The cure is worse than the disease’, Faith is the story of a near mythical… Read more »

2013 Juice Box Awards: Debut of the Year

In a typical year about one third of my reading is debuts. 2013 that number was closer to 20%. If I was guessing why that might be I would say it’s because Night Shade fell apart. I wrote about it extensively here. The truth is Night Shade was one of the bastions of debut writers,… Read more »

“The Flawed Masterpiece of 2012 You Never Heard About” by Zachary Jernigan

One of my favorite books is Roger Zelazny’s Creatures of Light and Darkness (1969). It’s a whirlwind of disparate elements, mixing super pulpy science fantasy concepts and serious literary techniques into a ridiculously fun — and confounding — product. It doesn’t work, really; it makes no sense and it has weak characterization, no beating emotional heart; but… Read more »

Duck and Covers: One Cheer, a Couple of Jeers, and a WTF

Beautiful, isn’t it? It reminds me quite a bit of the cover for Adam Robert’s award winning Jack Glass. Gospel for Loki is a different artist though, coming from the minds of Andreas Preis with additional design by Craig Fraser. Did you notice the cool Rainbow Bridge in the back left corner? Very cool Norse themes… Read more »

No Return by Zachary Jernigan

Books like Zachary Jernigan’s No Return are the primary reason why the Night Shade Books collapse was a crying shame. It is bold, edgy, daring, and uneven in spots, making it both exactly the kind of book that demands to be published and one that is likely to be passed over by larger houses. In all,… Read more »

Napoleonic Bechdel Tests by Michael J. Martinez

There’s been a lot of intense debate in recent weeks about the treatment of women in the SF/F community, as well as the depiction of women in SF/F works. For the former, I can only express my dismay over how many female authors and editors have been treated in public, in private and in writing…. Read more »

The Daedalus Incident by Michael J. Martinez

If you’ll recall, I wrote a post about the demise of Night Shade Books in which I admitted to being sent two manuscripts by the publisher to give my feedback on. Michael Martinez’s The Daedalus Incident was one of those titles. As a result, I’m not going to review it. Not really. Suffice to say… Read more »

The Flames of Shadam Khoreh and the Lays of Auskaya by Bradley P. Beaulieu

The Winds of Khalakovo, the first installment in Bradley P. Beaulieu’s Lay of Anuskaya series, was raved about on this blog in 2011. I acquired the follow-up, The Straits of Galahesh, several months before it was released in 2012. Unfortunately, the first fifty pages felt impenetrable even after reading them a dozen different times. When Beaulieu announced the… Read more »

Night Shade Books: What went wrong?

Last August I got an email from Jason Williams, publisher and majority owner of Night Shade Books. He said he’d been paying attention to Staffer’s Book Review and he wanted to pick my brain about the direction Night Shade was heading. My thoughts ranged from: Wow — someone in publishing cares what I think (to…. Read more »

Duck and Covers: Beauty and the Crashed Spaceships

I’ve read Erin Hoffman first two books, Sword of Fire and Sea and Lance of Earth and Sky. Truth be told, I didn’t find either particularly good, although the world she created is incredibly rich. In fact, they feel at times like exactly what they are. . . novels written by a video game designer. In… Read more »