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What Tony Gwynn Taught Me

Yesterday, Tony Gwynn, one of the greatest hitters in the history of Major League Baseball, died of cancer at age 54.  He will be remembered as an ambassador for baseball, an articulate man with surreal talent for putting wood on rawhide and a legendary athletic career that defies explanation. I remember him for another reason…. Read more »

An Brief Aside on Last Night’s Political News

Obama_Health_Care_Speech_to_Joint_Session_of_Congress (1)

John Boehner’s time as Speaker of the House is over and it might be worst thing that could happen for this country right now. House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary election last night in a stunning upset. I’m not sure people realize that this has the chance to be one of the most… Read more »

Staffer’s Book Review Gets a Permanent Face Lift

Last month I moved my blog from Google Blogger to my own WordPress site here at At the time, I changed the look of the blog because I had to, but it wasn’t what I ultimately planned for the site. I quickly put my head down and got to work on what the kind… Read more »