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Suvudu Universe: Hai Can I Haz Ur Stuffz?

Suvudu Universe, a community generated content site, was recently unveiled by Random House in conjunction with their existing blog, known simply as Suvudu. I applaud publishers engaging in the online community. Random House has dabbled in this space for years with Suvudu, but have always been irregular and infrequent with their attempts. Suvudu Universe is… Read more »

The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett

What separated The Warded Man from the detritus of epic fantasy was that it was written with intent. Not only intending to tell a wide ranging and intricate fantasy story, Peter Brett wrote a novel about fear, and terror, and how people respond under those circumstances. At least partially inspired by the events of September… Read more »

Publishing Rumors Abound!

Rumors surfaced today of a merger between Random House, the largest English-language trade book publisher in the world,¬†and Penguin Books. HarperCollins is also being considered. The New York Times (blog) reported: Pearson, the British media conglomerate, said Thursday that it was in talks to combine its Penguin publishing house with Random House, owned by Bertelsmann… Read more »

Robopocalypse – Daniel H. Wilson

Post-Novel + 39 Minutes This account was transcribed by a certain book reviewer a few days after the books began their campaign against humanity. The reviewer was clearly suffering from post-literary confusion, but little did he know the impact he would come to have on the future of mankind. Narrator, ID#4857382 I know I will… Read more »