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The Riftwar Saga: Fifteen Years Later

I’ve read approximately thirteen novels by one Mr. Raymond E. Feist, making him, along with Piers Anthony, the most read author of my life. This is somewhat of a disturbing realization on my part. I would note here that while I’ve read thirteen novels set in Midkemia and Xanth respectively, I’ve read even more set… Read more »

Remember when I killed the UK Raymond Feist covers?

This is a lot more like it, isn’t it? I’m not in love with the cover, but it’s the best one that’s ever been put on one of Feist’s books. The pop of red works very well here, and I’d be interested in who the artist is, as HarperCollins UK didn’t announce it anywhere I… Read more »

Raymond E. Feist — United Kingdom Reissues

I’m reading Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s A Memory of Light. It’s reminding me a lot of being a teenager when I fell in love with the Wheel of Time. During that same time, I also fell in love with Raymond Feist’s Riftwar novels, which are going to be reissued in the UK with these… Read more »