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The Emperor’s Blades by Brian Staveley

Man, it’s been a while since I wrote a review. This blog is becoming more like “Staffer’s Crazy Rants about Publishing Stuff” than a review site. I can’t say I lament the change, but it’s nice to just write a review sometimes. Know what I’m saying? And why not jump back into the pool with… Read more »

Duck and Covers: Raiding the Tor Catalog

Another piece of Richard Anderson art? Yes, please. I know I’m flogging the horse so to speak, but I adore this man’s art and will find any excuse to put it on my blog. As if Anderson’s work needs any extra boost, it was created for the new Peter Watts. Echopraxia will be the first… Read more »

Duck and Covers: Another gorgeous Donato Giancola, and others

I can almost provide this cover image without comment. The third in Elizabeth Bear’s brilliant Eternal Sky trilogy, Steles of the Sky continues the story of Re Temur and the Wizard Samarkar in their fight against the Nameless Ones. It isn’t due out until next Spring, but I couldn’t resist talking about the cover. The entire… Read more »