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Duck and Covers: A Cover Stained Sykes

Today, Sam Sykes unveiled his cover for his fourth novel, and first with Orbit Books, The City Stained Red. Orbit Art Director Lauren Panepinto did the cover herself, using voodoo. Personally, I adore the type setting, although I was more  a fan of the background from an earlier version that was circulated. Either way this… Read more »

Author D&D at ConFusion 2014!

One of my favorite conventions every year is ConFusion in Detroit, Michigan. It’s an intimate local convention that manages without fail to turn out a huge number of incredible authors and industry people. My hats off the con runners, who do a tremendous job. The fact it’s the home convention of Subterranean Press probably doesn’t… Read more »

Rocket Talk, Episode 8 — Sam Sykes talkin’ about Rockets

art by Tim Paul

In this week’s episode, Sam Sykes and I discuss the finger points of many things. Including: George R.R. Martin’s conquest of Westero… I mean, New Mexico. Brent Weeks’ conflicted nature. Lover or fighter? Grimdark. Is it a thing? Is it a dead thing? Is Abercrombie grimdark? Author meltdowns. Phoenix ComicCon …oh, and a little bit… Read more »

Is Abaddon’s Gate really just a Black Halo? A review of novels by James S.A. Corey and Sam Sykes

Where do novels begin? Is it the protagonist? The plot? Some cool magic system? Or a world detail? It’s a silly question, because there is no right answer. And even if there was, it only matters insofar as it scratches a bad interviewer’s curiosity. But, it is interesting, and meaningful, to discuss which of those… Read more »

If Sam Sykes ran a Convention — SamCon 2013: Dare to attend!

Thoughts experiments are dangerous things. You know what’s even more dangerous? Thoughts of any kind from the mind of fantasy author Sam Sykes. Thought experiments. . . well, those are just frightening. Nevertheless, Sykes tweeted this gem: I’ll throw my OWN con.SamCon 2013.Guests include: me, my dog, maybe @jdiddyesquire if he brings pizza. — Sam… Read more »

French Cover: The Skybound Sea by Sam Sykes

News flash, intrepid readers. France knows how to paint. I could say Marc Simonetti knows how to paint, but it seems like everyone in French publishing gets it to a degree America does not. Look at this gorgeous cover for Sam Sykes’ newest novel, The Skybound Sea: I don’t want to belittle the covers for… Read more »