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The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold by Peter V. Brett

I’m going to keep this short. Peter Brett’s two novellas, published by Subterranean Press, fill in some of the time gaps in his first novel The Warded Man. Where Brett’s novels are decidedly epic fantasy, both of his shorts ignore scope and¬†grandiose¬†machinations in favor of the here and now. Sword and sorcery is often described… Read more »

Subterranean Press Magazine: SUMMER 2012

Subterranean Magazine has just published their summer issue including novellas from K.J. Parker, Ian R. MacLeod, Mike Resnick, and Robert Jackson Bennett. I’m a huge fan of both Parker and Bennett whose novellas are titled Let Maps to Others and To Be Read Upon Your Waking,¬†respectively. Parker’s story is first person, about a scholar searching… Read more »

The Providence Rider – Robert McCammon

Robert McCammon’s new novel, The Providence Rider, is the fourth installment in the Matthew Corbett series that began in 2007. The first two were released by Simon & Schuster imprint, Gallery Books, and the second two from Subterranean Press. I’ve no idea what prompted the change in publisher, but typically such things are a result… Read more »