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Loncon3: Where I Will Be (Or Where You Should Avoid)


I am flying to London in a week to be a part of Loncon3. I have been nominated for a Hugo Award with my co-editor and publisher and blogging soul mate, Jared Shurin (eesh, that sounds creepier than it is). Also, I participated in wrangling the cats for the Literary Program, which means if you see… Read more »

Mission Statement: The Hugos and Worldcon Aren’t What I Expected, Etc.

If the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) wanted to call me a hater, I would be inclined to agree. I have been one of the Hugo Awards’ hugest detractors in recent years with blog post after blog post excoriating the WSFS for their silly rules, the award for its myopic view, and the voters for their… Read more »

My WorldCon Schedule

This is like a meme. Everyone is doing it. Except, I don’t really have a schedule. Because that would be silly, right? There aren’t a bunch of folks lining up to hear me read my Hugo Rant. (WHY AREN’T THERE PEOPLE LINING UP FOR THAT?!) Of course, I’m helping throw Drinks with Authors, and I’ll… Read more »

Drinks with Authors: The Not-to-be Missed WorldCon Event

Steve Drew, of r/fantasy, and I wanted to put together a gathering at WorldCon. There were lots of authors left off programming, and programming doesn’t always deliver the kinds of interactions we wanted to have. But, what to do? Myke Cole had the answer. Called “Drinks with Authors”, we’ve put together an event to give… Read more »

WorldCon Link Round-up (for those of us who didn’t make it)

I didn’t make it to WorldCon this year, for a host of reasons, not the least of which was the complete unwillingness of airlines to provide me with reasonable flight times. But, after reading all of these posts I’m linking here, I feel like I was there. (Not really, but it’s SOMETHING!) First up some… Read more »

My Hugo Votes

Back in June, I posted my Hugo Nominees. Suffice to say, almost nothing I nominated made the final ballot. That was disappointing, particularly because what was ultimately nominated hardly represents the best work done in 2011. But, as a Chicon 7 Supporting Member, I have a vote and I used it. Below are the categories I… Read more »

Hugo Awards 2012 – Best Short Story

After my weekend piece on the Hugo Short Lists, I decide to jump right into a category I’m not as well versed in — Best Short Story. I read shorts from time to time, but rarely is it part of my weekly reading. This year’s list for best short story includes: stalwart Mike Resnick with… Read more »

Comments on the Hugo Short Lists

Last night the Hugo Awards announced their shortlists for 2012. I find myself fairly disappointed across the board, which is unfortunate and expected. In fact, of all the nominations I myself made, only a small handful made the short lists — Stina Leicht for the Campbell, Patrick Nielson Hayden for Editor (Long Form),  SF Signal… Read more »